APME legal framework

This comprises a law and decrees relating to the creation, organisation and functioning of the Small and Medium-Sized Promotion Agency (APME).

  • Law No 2010/001 of 13 April 2010 to promote small and medium-sized enterprises in Cameroon which lays down the general framework for the promotion of SMEs.
  • Decree No 2013 / 092 of 3 April 2013 on the organization and functioning of the Small and Medium-Sized Promotion Agency, as amended and supplemented by decree No 2013/297 of 9 September 2013, reflects the will of Cameroon’s authorities to improve upon the mechanism to implement the National Policy on the promotion of SMEs.

APME vision

« Become a reference support tool to SMEs »

APME missions

The decree on the organisation and functioning of APME confers on it five (5) major categories of missions:

  • Contributing to the implementation of the SMEs promotion strategy;
  • Promoting and building managerial capacities;
  • Improving the competitiveness of Cameroonian SMEs by offering assistance, facilitation and support services;
  • Being a lever of emergence;
  • Contributing to the increase in GDP and massive creation of decent jobs.


General objective

The general objective is to offer services and products that contribute to the creation and development of Cameroon’s SMEs thus rendering them more:

  • efficient
  • innovative
  • competitive
  • responsible

Specific objectives

  • facilitate the creation of new SMEs;
  • support and follow up the development of existing SMEs;
  • develop a partnership network around the SMEs with a view to creating an enabling and efficient eco-system for performance;
  • put in place a dynamic and efficient information system on and for SMEs;
  • insure the eligibility of SMEs to the investment incentives systems;

APME targets and partners


The Agency’s core target consists of:

  • Active SMEs
  • Projects promoters across the country.


They include national and international organizations with common goals (conduct of statutory missions).

Implementation strategy

  • Support to business creation;
  • Assistance to the development of existing enterprises;
  • Assistance to SMEs to attain eligibility to the investment incentives system;
  • Implementation of the SMEs information system;
  • Development of partnership network for efficient SMEs;
  • Establishment of inter-enterprise partnerships;
  • Implementation of a sustainable development process for the Agency.


In general, for enterprises under creation, it is important to:

  • establish and organize a national mechanism for the promotion of the spirit and culture of entrepreneurship;
  • identify and support a national integrated system of business incubators and nurseries;
  • establish and organize a mechanism of support to the enterprises created.

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