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Promoting entrepreneurship

29 April 2016

What are the activities carried out by the APME in the promotion of entrepreneurship?


Cameroonians’ ingenuity in inventing business ideas and creating activities and businesses can no longer to be overemphasized. However, entrepreneurship remains a profession for which skills are not necessarily inborn, but are also dependent on a well-structured learning process that needs a formalised and even a certified support.

The support and strengthening of the Cameroonian SMEs fabric is one of the priority objectives of the APME. In fact, SMEs are the bedrock for the creation and promotion of tomorrow’s major enterprises. It is in this context that the Agency intends to:

  • Develop, in collaboration with the educational and professional system, an effective incubation process, that will result in:
    • the promotion of an entrepreneurship spirit and culture;
    • the assistance for the establishment of incubators and other enterprise nurseries;
    • the establishment of a mechanism to support and follow-up budding post-incubation enterprises, in order to increase the chances of each promoter succeeding in his business;
  • advise and assist promoters of ideas and projects;
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