13 November 2017

Article 1: Purpose and organization of the competition

As part of its Youth Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (PE2MJ), the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Promotion Agency (APME) is organizing from November 8, 2017 to December 26, 2017 (at 3:00 pm) a nationwide competition for business model (hereinafter called the competition), entitled "Youth Business".

The Competition is meant for all young Cameroonians and aims to encourage the creation and development of companies by young people less than 35 years old.


Article 2: Applications and admissibility

Business projects are presented by the project idea holder as promoter or as project team leader.

The Competition is neither open to staff of the Organization nor their immediate family members (spouses, parents, offspring and relatives in the first degree), nor to any other person professionally involved in the administration of the competition.


Article 3: Conduct of the Competition

(3.1). Registration

Candidates shall submit their application files including a CV and a business project to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The business model will be presented in 3 to 5 pages and will include the following subjects:

  1. The market or customer profile
  2. The value proposition
  3. Services or products on offer
  4. Competitive positioning
  5. The main activities
  6. The operating cycle
  7. The planned investments
  8. Financial needs
  9. Costs, prices and margins
  10. The main inputs
  11. The major risks


The applicants undertake to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information.

(3.2). Procedure

The Competition will run as follows:

  • Screening

The first step will be to pre-select 25 projects.

  • Selection

The 25 shortlisted finalists will be invited to present their project ideas in the form of a pitch (short verbal communication) and 10 winners will be selected.


Article 4: Evaluation Criteria

Project ideas will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The entrepreneurial potential of the candidate
  • The relevance of the market need to be satisfied;
  • The technical and financial feasibility of the project
  • Socio-economic and environmental impact of the project.


Article 5: Selection of the Jury

Pre-selection is done by a team of APME staff.

The final jury selection is done by a commission composed of experts from the national sphere of entrepreneurship and finance, outside APME.





Article 6: Prizes

The winners of the Competition will benefit from personalized support from experienced consultants in drawing up their business plans and seeking the technical, financial and commercial partnerships needed to implement each project.


Article 7: Obligation of confidentiality

The members of the jury and all other persons who participated in the Competition process are bound by strict obligation of confidentiality. They agree in writing to keep this confidentiality. The application files are anonymous and the deliberations of the jury are confidential.


Article 8: Intellectual Property

By submitting his/her/their project idea, the candidate or the candidate team guarantee(s) that he/she/they holds all rights pertaining to any text, image, photograph and any other graphic content contained in the project or that he / she/they  has/have obtained the rights of the holders, where appropriate.

The project idea holder authorizes the organizer and his partners to refer to his project without giving him right to remuneration or any advantage other than the prize awarded to him/her/them.

Members of the jury, organizer, evaluators and candidates will collectively ensure the protection of invented ideas, patents, models, brands or works of the spirit. In addition, the candidates declare on their honor that they hold all the rights attached to their project.


Article 9: Candidate’s responsibility

By participating in this Competition, the candidate or the candidate team will ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The transmitted documents do not contain any viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or any other destructive and harmful content;
  • The project idea will not undermine public order and morality;
  • The project and its use, as described above, do not violate any applicable law or regulation;
  • Anyone attempting to cheat, slow down or deteriorate the contest website and any other organizer web site will be exposed to legal proceedings;
  • The organizer reserves the right to ask for supporting documents for each of the candidate or candidate team declarations and to eliminate the candidate/candidate team in the case of cheating.

Article 10: Disputes

Depositing an application to participate implies, on the part of candidates, total acceptance of the present regulations, without possibility of complaint regarding the results which may not be contested as the jury is sole judge, not having to justify its decision.

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