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Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the new trend of the Internet today. It is to computerize the management of certain aspects of your information system including storage, software or equipment. All these elements are now administered in line by a third entity, while being used. Gmail, Dropbox, onedrive, or blogs hosted on…
Future of IT: More than ever the promises of cloud can attract SMEs. Here are 3 good practices which permit to get the most out of a cloud operation in a small business.
Cloud Computing: reduced IT Teams and limited budgets; IT management in SMEs is often done in a very constrained environment. The temptation of SaaS services is therefore high. What are the risks and benefits? How to ensure the security of its data in this context?
Technologie : Les petites et moyennes entreprises constituent un secteur vaste et varié qui représente une part très importante de l'économie. L'innovation informatique peut optimiser leurs performances et les aider à résister à la crise, à condition d'adopter les bonnes technologies.
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