• Collection, centralization and dissemination of data on SMEs
  • investigations to determine the economic contribution of SMEs and improve the monitoring of their evolution and their operational performance;
  • providing information on SMEs to policy makers, researchers, professional organizations, and SMEs themselves;
  • structuring and regular updating of a file of small and medium enterprises in Cameroon; edition of technical notes and reports offering a structured vision of the reality of small and medium
  • enterprises in Cameroon;
  • implementation, at the request of interested parties by SMEs, of statistical analyzes of the information contained in the file of small and medium-sized enterprises; conducting market research and providing strategic advice for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • edition of business notes for small and medium-sized businesses; conducting studies useful for identifying good practices in the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially internationally;
  • organization of processes of capitalization and fertilization of knowledge and experiences for a better knowledge of the universe of small and medium enterprises and its environment; monitoring and / or control of small and medium-sized enterprises receiving credits or support from the public authorities in the context of enterprise development.

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