1. To process applications files for Cameroonian SMEs eligibility to the incentive scheme provided by law No 2013/004 of 18 April 2013 on incentives to private investment in the Republic of Cameroon
  2. To support investors in the implementation of commitments they have taken within the framework of the accreditation
  3. To assist investors in complementary administrative procedures related to the execution of investment programmes:
  • procedures required in the execution of investment programmes;
  • Procedures for obtaining the certificate of environmental conformity;
  • Assistance to investors in the procedures for exemption from:
  • Taxes and customs duties on all equipment or materials related to the investment project;
  • Technical assistance fees on a pro rata based on the global investment amount;
  • VAT on service delivery related to the putting in place of projects coming from abroad.


  1. To assist SMEs in getting the authorizations needed for the execution of the proposed investment programmes within the validity period of the accreditation.


  • Obtaining the required authorizations for foreign personnel during the validity period of the accreditation title.
  • Supporting and monitoring investors in the procedures required for the implementation of their investment programmes.
  • Facilitating the issuance to investors of visas and residence permits for the personnel needed for the execution of their investment programme.

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