It emanate from the legal framework which :

    • Sets the general rules of promotion of Small an Medium sized Entreprises (SMEs), pursuant to the Charter of Investissements in the Republic of Cameroon, under law no 2010/001 of April 13, 2010;
    • Organizes the functioning of the Small and Medium Sized Entreprises Promotion Agency (SMEPA), in accordance with the provision of decree no  2013/092 of the 03 April 2013;
    • Organizes the functioning of the one-stop desk of the Small and Sized Entreprises Promotion Agency (the One-Stop), pursuant to order no 0004/MINPMESSA of February 07, 2014.

Therefore, article 3 of decree 2013/297 of the 09 September 2013 stipulates that the SMEPA is responsible, in collaboration with administrations and relevant public and private bodies for :

    • Implementing the sectoral strategy for the promotion and development of Small and Medium sized Entreprises;
    • Facilitating enterprises creation formalities;
    • Assisting and advising ideas and projects holder on business creation;
    • Coaching enterprises in the elaboration of management tools that meet their organizational, technical, financial, marketing and technological needs;
    • Building the managerial capacities of Small and Medium Entreprises owners through information, training, mentoring and coaching;
    • Setting up a projects data base available to promotors of Small and Medium Entreprises;
    • Promoting in collaboration with the relevant institutions and bodies, of technological innovation and the use by Small and Medium Enterprises of research results and the assets of intellectual property;
    • Creating and Observatory of Small and Medium Enterprises;
    • Establishing partnership relations with national and international structures supporting Small and Medium Enterprises in Cameroon;
    • Facilitating the access of Small and Medium Enterprises to funding for their activities;
    • Carrying out market studies and making strategic choices towards the development of Small and Medium Enterprises;
    • Facilitating the creation and development of a network of Small and Medium Enterprises;
    • Promoting Small and Medium Enterprises public incubators;
    • Assisting Small and Medium Enterprises in investment implementation;
    • Facilitating the access of Small and Medium Enterprises to markets;
    • Facilitating the establishment of partnership relations between Small and Medium Enterprises and larges enterprises;
    • The provision, to local SMEs, of public services which are entitled to enterprises that apply for or have benefited from one of the plans of the Investment Charter, the follow-up program of enterprises recipient of the advantages of the Charter and of the law organizing private investment incentives in the Republic of Cameroon;
    • Executing the programs elaborated with the support of donors, as well as providing follow-up and control services Small and Medium Enterprises receiving credits and supports from public authorities within the framework of enterprises development strategy.

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